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Scent-free, air tight bag for hunting clothing

How to keep your hunting clothes (and body) scent free.

Dude, you stink. But you don't have to. Keeping your body and clothing as scent free as possible won't guarantee a successful hunt, but it sure helps. Here are some key strategies to keep your hunting clothing scent-free to maximize your hunting success:


  • Detergent: Use a scent-eliminating laundry detergent specifically designed for hunting clothes. These detergents neutralize odors and often contain enzymes that break down sweat and other odor-causing bacteria. At the very least make sure you're using a scent-free detergent. I like to use a little Borax along with a scent-free laundry soap.
  • Wash Cycle: Wash your hunting clothes in a separate load from everyday clothes. Use warm water to kill bacteria but avoid high heat which can damage and shrink some popular hunting fabrics.
  • Drying: Ideally, air dry your clothes outside in fresh air and sunlight. If you must use a dryer, use a low heat setting and absolutely avoid dryer sheets or search out dryer sheets specifically designed for scent control.


  • Containers: Immediately after washing store your clean hunting clothes in airtight plastic bins or scent-proof bags. This prevents them from absorbing odors from your environment.
  • Location: Keep your storage containers in a cool, dry place away from strong smells like whatever you're cooking, smoke, gasoline, or cleaning products.

What about you, you filthy animal?

  • Shower: Before a hunt, shower with scent-free soap and shampoo. Avoid using heavily perfumed products. When hunting on a long trip with no shower available use scent free deodorant and wipe down when you can.
  • Smoke-Free Zone: Don't smoke or allow smoking around your clothes or hunting gear. Smoke clings to fabrics and can easily alert deer.
  • Diet: Be mindful of what you eat in the days leading up to your hunt. Avoid strong-smelling foods like onions or garlic, as these odors can be transferred to your body and clothes.
  • Natural Scents: While some hunters use natural masking scents to cover human odor, these can be risky. Research and understand local deer or elk behavior before employing this tactic, as unfamiliar scents can spook animals as well.

Most importantly!

  • Play the wind: Beyond keeping your scent at a minimum, the most important tactic to remember is to always, always, always play the wind to your advantage.
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