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The 5 best states for duck hunting

Looking for your next duck hunting destination? Here's our take on the five best duck hunting states, the approximate season dates and where to find more information on licensing and regulations.

  1. Arkansas - The Duck Capital of the World:
  • Duck Species: Mallards, gadwalls, pintails, wood ducks, and more.
  • Season Dates: Duck hunting seasons in Arkansas typically run from late October/early November through late January/early February. There might be variations for specific sub-seasons within this timeframe, so consult the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission website for the most up-to-date details (
  1. Louisiana - Coastal Paradise:
  • Duck Species: Mottled ducks, teal, scaup, widgeons, geese, and others.
  • Season Dates: Louisiana's duck season generally opens in late November/early December and extends through late January/early February. Similar to Arkansas, there might be variations for specific duck zones within the state. Refer to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries website for the latest regulations (
  1. Mississippi - Delta Dreamin':
  • Duck Species: Mallards, wood ducks, teal, gadwalls, and more.
  • Season Dates: Mississippi's duck season typically aligns with Arkansas and Louisiana, opening in late October/early November and running through late January/early February. Again, consult the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks website for specific season dates and zone regulations (
  1. California - Pintail Paradise:
  • Duck Species: Primarily pintails, along with gadwalls, widgeons, and teal.
  • Season Dates: California's duck season dates differ slightly. The main duck season typically opens in late November/early December and extends through late January/early February. However, there might be earlier teal seasons or extended seasons for specific zones. Refer to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website for detailed information ( Be aware that some areas in California require a draw for permits.
  1. Minnesota - Land of 10,000 Lakes:
  • Duck Species: Mallards, teal, wood ducks, canvasbacks, and more.
  • Season Dates: Minnesota's duck season generally starts in mid-September for some waterfowl species and runs through late November/early December for ducks. Double-check the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website for specific waterfowl hunting regulations (
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