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Mule Deer Kings - These 5 States Have the Most Trophy Mule Deer Bucks

When it comes to record book mule deer, the crown goes to the mountainous regions out west. Here's a look at the states (as of 2024) known for producing the most Boone and Crockett Club (B&C) entries for mulies:

Kings of the Mule Deer Mountains:

  1. Colorado: It's not even close, Colorado leads all states by a large margin with over 700 B&C entries for mule deer. Lush habitats and successful management practices have made it a haven for trophy mule deer.
  2. Utah: Following not-so-closely behind is Utah, boasting over 200 B&C entries for mule deer. Diverse landscapes and dedicated conservation efforts contribute to its trophy potential.
  3. Wyoming: Another mountainous state, Wyoming has over 180 B&C entries for mule deer. Rugged terrain and a focus on mature buck harvest strategies play a role.
  4. Idaho: Idaho comes in at number four with over 150 B&C entries for mule deer. Stricter hunting regulations have helped maintain a healthy population with trophy potential.
  5. Montana: Rounding out the top five, Montana has over 130 B&C entries for mule deer. Varied habitats and a long history of mule deer hunting contribute to its record book presence.
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