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About Us

RUGID Founder Jeff Bruss and stepson Riley doing a little target practice circa 2019. We don't just sell archery, we use it.

RGD is a family-owned outdoor business located in Northern Wisconsin. Founder, Jeff Bruss, a Navy veteran and avid bowhunter started RGD when he recognized the need for a durable soft-sided archery case that could protect from the elements. While hunting the harsh environmental demands of the Colorado mountains, Jeff found his trusty compound bow would often be dust-covered, rained on, piled in snow and generally abused. 

The goal was to find a more protective way to carry and travel with a bow when chasing elk and mule deer through the dust, mud and nasty weather. Jeff’s mother, the granddaughter of a French-immigrant tailor, took to her old Singer sewing machine and stitched up the first waterproof bow covers.

Fashioned out of canvas, the prototypes were bulky and cumbersome, and didn’t provide protection for the bow, only the elements. They worked better than traditional soft cases and provided more flexibility than hard cases, but still needed a protective quality.

Inspired by the design of soft-sided coolers on his drive home from out west, the light bulb went on. The very first RGD case was sketched on a piece of paper. Designed of a waterproof PVC shell and protective foam inside, this would allow shielding from the elements and protect the bow. The sketch was sent to a manufacturer who developed the first prototype.

Jeff and his hunting pals would test, modify and re-test cases until finally the first weatherproof compound bow case was considered ready for action. Jeff stuck his neck out, ordered a few hundred cases and started selling them to his buddies.

Today, RGD has a complete line of durable, waterproof gear for all forms of hunting and the outdoors. The company operates out of a small warehouse in Three Lakes, Wisconsin. Still shipping every order with labor supplied by family and friends. RGD understands that the gear you sell is only as good as the people who stand behind it. That’s how we do business.

Thank you for choosing RGD.

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