FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Will you sponsor me?
Maybe. We most strongly consider those who have a significant social media following, usually 25,000 or greater that demonstrate strong interaction among followers on posts. Please complete our sponsorship application for consideration

Will you donate to our charity?
If you are an established 501c3 we will consider donating in a matching amount to anything you purchase. As an example, if you purchase a 20 quart cooler, we will donate an additional 20 quart cooler of equal value. This exclusively applies to vetted 501c3 organizations that complete our Donation Request Form

​What is your warranty?
All warranties vary by product, but most RUGID products carry a 2-year no-hassle warranty.

How long does shipping take?
Orders placed prior to 3:00pm CST Monday-Friday ship same day and reach most destinations in the continental United States within 3 business days or less. Please see our shipping diagram for more accurate shipping estimates.

How much is shipping?
Unless otherwise noted, shipping is a flat $9 per order.

Where are you located?
Our warehouse and headquarters are located in Three Lakes, Wisconsin.

Do you charge sales tax?
Yes, if you are a resident of Wisconsin.

I see you are a veteran-owned company. Do you offer a military discount?
We price all of our products fairly every day. So unfortunately not. However, if you sneak a comment in the notes at checkout we've been known to slip a little something extra to our veterans on occasion.

Are RGD products manufactured in the USA?
Most of our products are manufactured overseas. However, we employ many hard-working Americans in fulfillment, web design, sales, marketing and customer service. Many US-based jobs are created and maintained by our product lines.

What is the IP (Ingress Protection) rating on your cases and what do they mean?
Our Xtreme cases have an IP rating against dust and water of approximately 64. The first digit (6) signifies no dust will integrate the case over an 8-hour period. The second digit (4) signifies protection from heavy blasts of water. Our Legend cases offer an IP rating of 61. The first digit (6), again indicates no ingress of dust over an 8-hour period. The second digit (1) signifies water splashed from all directions with little-to-no ingress permitted. Both cases float with a load in excess of anything you would typically store inside. Both cases can be submerged and depending on conditions may get moisture inside, however the Xtreme case offers far more protection against submersion. Both cases offer a FULLY waterproof shell with the only difference being in the zipper and its protection against moisture entering the case.

Should I choose a RGD or RGD Xtreme case?
If you do not need waterproof protection, including submersion, the basic RGD case is probably all you need. The Xtreme case is for specific applications that require the highest level of waterproof protection - river rafting, canoe and kayak excursions, on a boat, etc. As a result, the zipper enclosure on the Xtreme case has very tight tolerances and functions in a much stiffer manner than the waterproof zipper found on the standard RGD case series. The basic RGD is a great daily case that provides excellent waterproof protection to a high level, but does not provide protection against submersion like the Xterme does. Both cases feature the same 100% waterproof PVC shell construction.

Why is the zipper so stiff on my Xtreme case or Big Stone duffel?
The zippers used on the Xtreme case and Big Stone duffels are designed to be waterproof through complete submersion. To maintain watertight integrity the zippers have an extremely tight tolerance combined with a rubberized protective shield. The stiffness is the result of offering the best waterproof coverage available. If you regularly wax your Xtreme zipper it will make it function much easier. Wax is included with all Xtreme cases and any product with an airtight zipper and can also be purchased on our site.

How long will RGD roto-molded coolers hold ice?
This is a trick question. Sometimes up to 10 days, other times not even a day. How long any cooler holds ice is dependent on how often it's opened, how long it stays open, the temperature of the cooler and the contents when they are put inside, the amount and type of ice, the color of the cooler itself, and most obviously, the outside temperature. If you utilize a 50-50 ratio of contents to ice in a pre-chilled white colored cooler you should see a minimum of 5 days of ice retention if it's only opened a few times per day.​ RGD makes no guaranteed claims or warranties on ice retention.