RUGID X1 Paste - Cleans, Lubricates and Protects handguns, rifles and shotguns

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Closeout, factory new, discontinued item.

RUGID X1 Cleaner, Lubricant and Protectant - CLP a non-toxic, bio-based cleaning solvent safe around humans and pets. RUGID X1 Gun Cleaner thick paste formula clings to the inside of your bore for extra-deep cleaning, carbon removal and long-lasting protection even in extreme heat or cold.

• Liquifies carbon on contact for cleaning rifles, shotguns, handguns & pistols 

• Provides protective barrier against moisture, copper, lead, rust, dust & dirt

• Paste formula doesn't run, scrubs into hard-to-reach areas with soft bristled brush

• Lubricates waterproof zippers for easier operation

• Cleans and lubricates fishing reels and other outdoor gear to protect against harmful saltwater

• Made in the USA!