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Compound bow hard case vs. soft case - which is best?

Compound bow hard case vs. soft case - which is best?

The choice between a hard compound bow case and a soft compound bow case depends on your specific needs, preferences, and budget, balancing factors like protection level, portability, and convenience.

Typically the advantages of a hard bow case are:

  1. Maximum Protection: Hard compound bow cases offer increased protection for your bow and accessories against impacts, crushing, and other physical damage. Hard bow cases are typically made of tougher materials like plastic or composite, providing a sturdy barrier against crushing.
  2. Weather Resistance: Hard cases are generally more resistant to weather conditions such as rain, snow, and extreme temperatures compared to soft cases. The hard shell exterior is impermeable to weather, dust and the elements.
  3. Secure Transportation: Hard bow cases often come with locking mechanisms or provisions for padlocks, providing added security during airline transportation or when storing your bow.

Hard bow case disadvantages:

  1. Bulkiness and Weight: The trade off for greater exterior protection on hard cases tends to be a heavier and bulkier construction. The greater the protection, most often the heavier the case. Typically a hard bow case weighs 2-3 times more than a soft case.
  2. Less Flexibility: Due to their rigid structure, hard cases may not be as flexible as soft cases when it comes to fitting in tight spaces or irregularly shaped storage areas.
  3. Cost: Hard compound bow cases are often more expensive than soft cases.

Typically the advantages of a hard bow case are:

  1. Lightweight and Compact: Soft compound bow cases are generally lighter and more compact than hard cases, making them easier to carry and store, especially during travel or when hiking to hunting spots.
  2. Flexibility: Their soft, flexible construction allows for easier accommodation in various storage spaces and allow flexible interior storage.
  3. Affordability: Soft bow cases are usually more budget-friendly compared to hard cases, making them a cost-effective option for archers seeking basic protection for their bow.
  4. Additional Pockets and Storage: Many soft cases come with multiple pockets and compartments for storing accessories like arrows, releases, and other gear, providing added convenience and organization.

Soft bow case disadvantages:

  1. Limited Protection: Soft cases offer less protection against impacts and crushes compared to hard cases. Typically protection for your bow is limited to scratches, minor bumps, and cosmetic damage.
  2. Weather Vulnerability: Soft cases are usually far less resistant to extreme weather conditions compared to hard cases, leaving your bow more vulnerable to rain, dirt, dust, snow and moisture. Most soft cases are made of permeable material like nylon, cordura or canvas.
  3. Security: Soft cases often lack built-in locking mechanisms, making them less secure against theft or unsuitable for airline or even vehicle travel.

What about the RGD soft bow case?

The advantages of the RGD hybrid bow case:

  1. Lightweight and Protective: The hybrid nature of the RGD soft bow case affords hard case-like protection while still remaining lighter than a hard case. Nearly one inch of foam top and bottom along with crush-resistant padded sides protect the bow, quiver, sight and rest with superior protection compared to other soft cases.
  2. Flexibility: RGD cases have a soft yet durable exterior construction. They are resistant to puncture, abrasion and remain flexible for both packing internally and storing them externally.
  3. Affordability: While the RGD soft case is more expensive than other cases it's typically priced more competitively than hard cases. Our position is that you should never put your expensive bow in a cheap soft case. 
  4. Weather Resistance: The RGD soft cases are constructed of fully waterproof PVC material. The PVC remains flexible and offers complete protection agains rain, snow, dust and dirt.
  5. Travel & Security: While we don't advise airline travel with the RGD case, we encourage use on ATV, UTV and in the back of your pickup truck or trunk. The durable construction of the RGD case travels to your hunting spot without issue. The RGD case is unfortunately not lockable.
  6. Hunt Ready: The flexible nature of the RGD case means there's no need to disassemble your quiver or even remove your arrows. Drop your bow in just as you hunt, zip it up and go. The memory characteristics of the interior foam will "grab" protrusions on the bow with no need for additional straps or tie-downs. Your bow will stay in place over rough terrain, shaking, bumping and bouncing.
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