70 Quart Wheeled RGD Cooler

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Big coolers can get HEAVY, especially when fully loaded. The RGD 70 quart wheeled cooler is build off the same frame as our top-selling 75 quart cooler but adds wheels for easy mobility. The oversized, durable wheels take on most terrain and are solid core, so no flats! This large cooler is perfect for a long week in the woods or at sea. The RGD 70 quart wheeled features 100% replaceable parts, five year warranty, dry ice compatibility, and RUGID durability. With up to 3" of foam insulation, a properly prepped and packed 70 Quart RGD wheeled cooler should keep ice for 7 days or more. The RGD 70 is an excellent choice for boating, camping, hunting and long trips where maximum ice retention in a cooler is important. **Please note, the pressure relief button is no longer an available feature and has been discontinued.**

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